Cobra Benefits & Features


  • Check out the available deck and rail space on your model. Cobra kayaks have loads of both and some models are specially set-up for large hatches and rod holders.
  • Cobra hatches with their strong multi-point Kamlock system are the most watertight you  can find – but all kayaks will take on some water, especially in choppy seas. Store vulnerable stuff in a dry bag or a  double-lock plastic bag to be sure.
  • Built-in smaller hatches close to  your seat to handle items you will need when on the water. This includes water and food snacks, warning siren, cell phone, GPS, sunscreen and first- aid and specialist fishing hatches.
  • Close to hand fishing equipment includes spare traces, bait, fish knife and measuring scales.The Cobra 10″” fishing hatch is ideal for stowing fishing items
  • Larger hatches are great for stowing camping and other bulkier equipment, but as they allow access to the inside of the kayak, it can mean items slide down internally and are hard to retrieve. Packing securely with bags or nets avoids the problem. Remember having large hatches open while you are on the water is dangerous as it allows water in, and it has no place to get out until you land. Use these hatches for longer-term stowage.

Standard Cobra Colour 

For 2021, Yellow is the standard colour.  Other colours are possible on request but may require a minimum buy quantity.

Storage Hatches

The Kamlock system used on Cobra’s larger hatches, was pioneered by Cobra . This ensures the best possible water-tight seal for choppy waters. (Beware lower quality hatches which may use recycled plastics that tend to be brittle and lack UV stability!)

The Cobra hatch range provides both the largest hatches on the market and a flexible range of shapes to maximize the unique flat cobra deck space and side rails. The“A” hatch fits neatly into the prow and stern deck space and provides ample storage for long-distance items that can be retrieved when beached-for example when camping. The Rectangular Hatches, Large and Small, provide on-water access for gear and for large fish catch stowage. The smaller 10″ Round Hatch is hinged and comes with a handy range of fishing inserts- a Tackle Box and a  Bait Bucket, while the 6″ Hatch is ideal for personal and safety items. The  Marauder and the Pro fish has a built in sealed hatch with a chopping board as an  integral section.


The Cobra Rudder System uses steel for blades and core components . It has adjustable footplates, internal lines on most models and a “kick up” control to avoid rudder grounding.


The Cobra Navigator, the Fish n Dive and the Marauder all have especially modified scuppers to take your Fish-Finder Transponder