Tandem Long Reach Kayak


The Cobra Tandem Long Reach is an excellent extended range large kayak with two main seating positions and a extended central deck. This huge flat deck provides tons of storage both above and below the deck. Alternatively there is plenty of room for a 3rd adult to sit comfortably in the center seating position. At 35″  wide, there is loads of stability, yet it is easy to paddle and maneuver.  With it’s two flushmount rod holders this is also the perfect 2 person fishing kayak.

Stand Out Features :

  • Flex Light SOT outfitting with Drytech technology
  • 3x Dry storage hatch/li>
  • Multi-position footrests
  • 2x Flush-mount fishing rod holders


Length 14’1′” (432 cm)
Width 35.4″” (90 cm)
Height 16.3″ (41.5 cm)
Weight 84.1 lbs (38.15 kg)
Maximum Displacement 750 lbs (340 kg)