Strike Kayak


If you are a surfer and you want a break from a stand-up board, check out the Strike. The Strike is a radical surf machine designed to ride waves. It is forgiving for novices, challenging for intermediates, and it totally rips for experts. The Strike has two revolutionary built-in ridges running lengthwise underneath along the rail that increase speed and improve turning. Its low volume reduces drag and the slim, narrow profile and exaggerated rocker increases mobility. To put it simply, it shreds.

Stand Out Features :

  • Flex Light SOT outfitting with Drytech technology
  • Thigh straps and foot straps
  • 1 dry storage hatch


Length 9.5′ (290 cm)
Width 25.6″ (65 cm)
Height 8.5″ (
Weight 34.6 lbs (15.7 kg)
Maximum Displacement 230 lbs (104 kg)