Cobra FAQ’s

Q: Is it OK to store my kayak outside?
A: Yes. You should, however, not leave your kayak exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Q: I find water in my kayak after use. Is this normal?
A: It is normal to find small amounts of water in your kayak. Water can enter through seals in the hatches and condensation often forms when a kayak is used in cool water. The drain plug is provided to remove the water from the kayak. Leaving hatches open while in storage will allow remaining water to evaporate. If water is left in the kayak for long periods of time a stale smell will likely develop.

Q: Are Cobra Kayaks usable for surfing?
A: Most Cobra Kayaks are suitable for surfing. Longer kayaks with a flatter rocker line such as the Tourer and Expedition are less suitable for surfing although they can certainly go in and out through waves.  The Cobra Strike and Strike Plus (formerly Revision) are designed as surf kayaks.

Q: What material is used in the construction of Cobra Kayaks?
A: Cobra Kayaks are manufactured using High Density Polyethylene.

Q: What should I do to care for my kayak?
A: Your Cobra Kayak requires very little maintenance. Common sense dictates washing salt water off the boat (although salt water will not harm the plastic material), keeping hatch operating mechanisms and sealing surfaces free from salt and debris will assure easy operation. Rudder mechanisms should also be kept clean to reduce the chance of corrosion and keep all moving parts operating properly.

Q: I tied my kayak down on my roof rack really tight and now I have a dent in the bottom. Is there any way to correct this?
A: If the dent won’t push out easily, leave the kayak in the sun with a black trash bag over the area. This should heat and soften the plastic to the point that you can easily push the dent out of the hull.

Q: My kayak is getting some minor scratches. Is there something I can do to restore the “looks” of my kayak?
A: Minor scratches can be reduced or eliminated with a carefully applied flame from a propane torch. Usually just a quick pass will reduce the visibility of scratches. Caution! If you apply this technique to textured areas of the kayak the texture may change in character!

Q: What should I use to clean my kayak?
A: For general cleaning kitchen cleanser and a scrub brush work fine. To remove stains or tar, baby oil works well.

Q: Is it possible to have a Cobra Kayak made in a non-standard colour?
A: At the present time Cobra Kayaks are available only in the colours you see listed on this site (Yellow for 2021) or  ask us about different colours.

Q: The waterways where I kayak have lots of boat traffic. What colours do you recommend for best visibility?
A: We recommend either white, yellow or mango for best visibility to other boaters.

Q: Is the rudder kit really needed on the longer boats such as the Tourer?
A: The rudder is not needed on the Tourer for mild conditions. If you plan to use your Tourer in windy or open ocean conditions the rudder is recommended.

Q: Where are Cobra Kayaks Made?
A: Cobra Kayaks are made at our Kayak Distribution factory in China.

Q: I have a small cut in the hull of my kayak. Is it possible to repair this damage?
A: Yes, it’s easy to fix. Even though it is very hard to cut or damage our kayaks, if it does happen, then please order your repair material from one of our authorized parts and accessory reseller.  Please note that not all colors maybe available. You will then need a soldering iron to “weld” the repair material into the damaged area.  Please send an email to Kayak Distribution for complete repair instructions.  

The High Density Polyethylene used to construct Cobra Kayaks is repairable. It may not be possible to repair kayaks that sustain major damage to the hull. Kayaks that suffer from many years of sun exposure may become brittle from UV exposure. High Density Polyethylene contains UV inhibitors, however sun exposure will eventually break down those inhibitors.

Q: What advantages does Cobra offer over the other kayak makers?
A: Some of the most significant advantages are generally greater stability, more comfortable seating arrangements, drier paddle, versatile storage accessibility and higher weight carrying ability. Cobra Kayaks are constructed using the highest quality recyclable materials.

Q: Will accessories from other manufacturers work on my Cobra Kayak?
A: Many accessories from other manufacturers such as backrests, paddle and rod holders, knee straps or kayak carts will work with your Cobra Kayak. If possible work with your dealer to determine the best way to go in this area.

Q: If my kayak ever becomes unusable is it possible to recycle the material?
A: Super High Density Polyethylene is a recyclable material.

Q: What is the recommended motor weight for a small outboard engine for use on the Fish N Dive?
A: Generally a 25-30 lb thrust electric motor is used and works well with a deep cycle marine battery. Sorry we no longer manufacture the  motor mount.

Q:  Where can I purchase replacement parts and accessories for my Cobra?
A:  In the USA and Canada, please contact Kayak Distribution.  In other countries, please see our international distributor listing.

Q:  Why can’t I find Cobra Kayaks in my area?
A:  Unfortunately the Cobra line isn’t carried by many dealers at this time; you can ask a Kayak Distribution dealer (Riot Kayaks, BorealDesign) to include one for you with their next order. You can also order one directly from one of our warehouses (Oceanside, CA, USA, Montreal, QC, Canada Surrey, BC, Canada) but you would be responsible for pick-up or shipping.  See our Dealer Locator Here.