What’s our Secret?

Born To The Water

All Kayaks are NOT Created Equal!

Cobra has been in the business of developing innovative high quality kayaks for over 25 years.

  • Easy lifting. –  some of  lightest premium quality range of kayaks on the market!  Simply compare the hull weights of Cobra kayaks with all others. Cobra uses high quality high density (HDPE) material which means it is more rigid and stronger than low density materials  (used by most asian manufacturers). Cobra kayaks are designed to last. Cobra offers a 5 year hull  original purchaser warranty for all Cobra Kayaks.
  • On the water- not in the water! – unbeatable stability combined with high performance. Cobra has a design heritage featuring a sloping side-line with an “aggressive chine”creating a large flat bottom area – which means Cobra’s are the most stable on the market. Stability often comes with a sacrifice of speed and maneuverability- not so with Cobra. Sleek designs combined with the sharp and rising “california prow” means that Cobra kayaks ride high above the breakers, not losing speed and momentum by plowing into the waves. For a fast, dry, stable ride Cobra’s are unmatched.
  • Be Safe. Safety while out on the water is vital. A Cobra kayak will handle predictably in difficult conditions with stability, tracking and built-in toughness. Hatches are a vital  safety issue. Poor hatches that leak or blow in higher seas and winds can sink a kayak. Cobra Kamlock hatches are custom designed. We believe they are the highest quality hatches available on the market. Larger Cobra hatches feature a positive seal point system to ensure maximum water resistance. 
  • Load it up – your way.   Cobra recognises that everyone needs to fit a kayak out to meet their individual needs. Cobra kayak’s deck designs maximises the accessory space availability, which means you can load your boat with Cobra hatches and accessories or after-market accessories, to your hearts content.

To help find the right kayak for you we have split our range into four categories:

  • Surf & Fun Kayaks: The five kayaks in this group range from the Play for younger or smaller paddlers  up through the size range to the best selling Tandem. We have the size and style to fit your needs all offering great value for money
  • Fishing Kayaks: The big new wave in kayaking. Cobra offers a range of  models especially set up for fishing and diving, with the flexibility to further customise to meet your fishing needs. Check out our low-price/high value ruddered fishing kayaks
  • Touring Kayaks: Whether you are looking for long-range paddling or a good day “out there”, Cobra’s Touring kayaks provide fast paddling and massive storage for your gear.
  • Radical Performance Kayaks: Built for thrills and spills the Cobra Radical Performance range provides two high performance surfing and fitness training kayaks. Ride the surf with the Cobra Strike and Strike+ 

Follow the links  to our TV Channel – CobraTV “how to” videos to see how to rig your cobra kayak for different purposes.